Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the IP?

The participant or participants own the IP. Once the winner is announced, you will have the opportunity to discuss the commercial arrangements with the corporate sponsor. 

Will I be asked to submit code in the challenge?

Certain technical challenges will require some code validation, however if you are concerned about IP, compile your code and demonstrate the working concept or model. 

How do I access the mentors?

Participants can view mentor profiles to access their contact details and get in touch.

How do I clarify the challenge? Can I ask the sponsor questions?

You can submit questions through the QLD AI Labs portal below. The team will work with the sponsor to get them answered as soon as possible. 

How do I take advantage of co-working spaces in regional Queensland?

This is up to you to discuss directly with our hosts, they all offer reasonable discounted rates as part of QLD AI Labs. 

How do I submit my entry?

An upload link will be sent to the entrants one (1) week from the due date.

How do I access the data for the challenge?

Not all challenges will have data provided. If data is provided, a link will be shared at the time of the launch. 

How does the seed funding work?

If your concept/solution is seen to have greater relevance than just a specific corporate problem, an entrepreneur will potentially contact you to look at seed funding the concept. You do not necessarily have to win the challenge to get contacted by an entrepreneur. All entrepreneurs are sent shortlists for them to review. 

What will happen if I win?

If you win, the corporate sponsor will discuss with you commercial arrangements at the location of their choice.