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Rod Netterfield

Rod Netterfield

Rod believes sustainable and meaningful change is achieved when an organisation deeply understands their customer and places them at the centre of their transformation and improvement efforts. Over the past 10+ years, Rod has been embedded in a variety of mid-tier and large global organisations leading customer experience strategies and functions to uplift capability and improve delivery across brands, products and services.

As a versatile Customer Experience Leader and Consultant, Rod takes a commercial view of innovation whilst exploring practical ways to compliment or extend strategies to bring in new sources of growth or revenue. 

Ask Rod about: 

  • how to best engage customers to understand their needs, uses and challenges with products and services. 
  • using the design thinking mindsets and methods to convert customer insights into innovative solutions. 
  • finding balanced solutions that deliver meaningful and sustainable improvements. 
  • structuring a compelling story that helps paint the picture of a brighter future.